Working with Specialty Shaped Windows

Deck Cover

All windows are not the same and trying to accommodate your needs for specialty shaped windows is a task you do not want to do alone. Luckily with VSC Window Coverings we are trained to help you with your unique home’s style as well as unique shaped windows. We want to give you the perfect experience as well as a flawless fit for your specialty shaped windows. There are five different wall covering specialty shapes made available to you.

Cellular shades are not just for traditionally square windows, they are now available in many different window shapes including full circle, half circle, quarter circle, trapezoid, and even skylights. Cellular shades are also known as honeycomb shades, and are a very efficient choice for energy saving in your home. If you need coverings for your skylights, cellular shades are the best option for you. We give you the option to select motorized cellular shades for your convenience. For hard to reach windows such as skylights, motorized is the way to go! If you are looking for a more natural look our wood blinds and shutters offer you just that, true wood and natural beauty. Wood blinds and shutters come with different lighting options for opacities ranging from a soft glow to a darkened room. If you love the appeal of the mini blind the best shape to compliment it is the trapezoid. Mini blinds have three different lift systems to choose from. The cordless lift system, standard cordlock or remote motorized systems, such as Hunter Douglas’s own PowerView® system, are all attractive and striking options for your home. Shutters are very flexible, and are accessible for specialty windows such as trapezoid, half circle, and quarter circle. Shutters give you the option to allow as much light as you would like into your living space, or block it out completely. Light control is an important feature of any window covering. They make an excellent barrier to reduce outside noise and are an exceptionally beautiful addition to your home. As well as motorized window coverings, shutters do not have cords, making them safer for you kids and pets. Classic Heritance® hardwood shutters are made from real wood making them tremendously durable. Newstyle® shutters are value-priced and with advanced modern-day materials, they create a gorgeous window covering for any room. Palm Beach™ shutters are made with a UV resistant polysatin compound making them perfect for areas that experience extreme heat. With this protection they are guaranteed not to become damaged or discolored from temperature or moisture, this makes them extremely cost effective in the long run.

At VSC Window Coverings, we have over thirty years of experience. We are committed to providing you with the most excellent customer service as well as affordable prices. There are so many options to explore regardless of your window’s shape. Any shaped window will look absolutely stunning with our unique designs and many options. We proudly service Eugene, OR and the surrounding area for your convenience. Working with specialty shaped windows will be a relaxed and simple experience for you when using VSC Window Coverings!