Retractable Awnings

Retractable Awning
Exterior shading for your home or office shouldn’t be a hassle, and the experts at VCS Window Coverings in Eugene, Oregon strive to provide the best selection of retractable awnings in the area. Whether you’re having a difficult time choosing which awning is the right one for your personal needs or your new to the idea of retractable awnings all together, the staff of VCS Window Coverings are available to assist all of your exterior shading needs.


The size of your awning depends on the area in which you’re attempting to shade. Whether it’s a front or back entrance to your home or office or a window, measuring for your retractable awning is the first step in choosing the correct one. Consider first what space you desire to cover. Is this entrance or window surrounded by any other exterior objects that would hinder the installation? If so, you may need to reconsider the location or size of the awning. If you are unfamiliar with the exact width and length requirements you’ll need for installation, contact the helpful staff of VCS Window Coverings toll free at 1-800-944-0159 or by visiting their website for a free consultation.

Motorized or Manual

When considering your awning needs, choosing between a motorized unit or one that retracts manually is important. If you’re planning to retract your awning daily or numerous times per day, a motorized awning is preferable. Also, if your awning is large and heavy, using a hand crank can be difficult. For bulky, weighty awnings, or for instances where you retract your awning frequently, choosing a motorized model is not only recommended, but with the help of the staff at VCS Window Coverings, it has never been more simple. They offer various models for both motorized and manual options, such as the Rollaway design that is enclosed in the headrail once it retracts to the Shan which encloses into a box. If your awning is a more permanent fixture and you only want to retract occasionally or your awning is small, selecting a unit with a manual crank may be the better option for you. Be sure to inquire about a remote control for your motorized awning for the ultimate ease of use with just the touch of a button.


Even though you’ve more than likely chosen an awning for function, the exterior appearance it adds to your home or office is undeniable. VCS Window Coverings offer a wide array of fabrics for your awning, with over 150 colors and combinations to choose from. The type of fabric you select is also important considering the wear and tear of retracting, and even though different companies offer numerous types, the expert staff at VCS Window Coverings can guide you through their countless brands and designs that work best for you. If you’re main concern is sun exposure, awnings offer the perfect coverage from the light when you desire and retract at your convenience. Whether you’re covering your windows to limit sun exposure, or add a helpful covering to your entrances or exits, a retractable awning is the perfect solution and can become an added fashion statement when considering the fabric design and color.