Retractable Awning Ideas For Summer

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Summer is the time of year when we want to enjoy our outdoor living space with friends and family. Sharing meals outdoors, firing up the barbecue or simply sitting on the patio and engaging in great conversations all come to mind. Unfortunately, things like bugs, direct summer rays from the sun and even rain storms can put a damper on enjoying your outdoor oasis during the summer. A great way to update your home’s exterior to make the most of your outdoor living space is to simply install a retractable awning .

Adding a retractable awning can give your home’s exterior an updated look and with over 150 fabric and color combination options to choose from, your new awning can complement your home’s exterior color scheme as well as coordinate with your outdoor patio furniture. Retractable awnings also provide significant shade from the sun’s harsh rays. The temperature under the shade can be as much as 20 degrees cooler than out in the direct sun during the hottest parts of the day.

One good option is the cassette awning. When retracted, the cassette awning blends seamlessly with the architecture of your home. They have extra-long arms that allow you to extend them to any desired length.

The cassette design can completely conceal the sun shade fabric into the cassette enclosure. The enclosure, itself, blends into the exterior of your home. Many homeowner’s associations restrict the use of exterior awnings, defined as exterior window coverings. Retractable sunshades, like cassette awnings, are recognized by many homeowner’s associations as desirable features that control energy consumption and bring people outdoors to enjoy the neighborhood.

Many models of cassette awnings can be further enhanced with options that make them more versatile and better suited to your application. A very popular option is the addition of a retractable valance that can be lowered to keep the setting sun out of your eyes. Some models are so well-engineered that the valance and sunshade may be fully enclosed in the cassette when retracted.

LED or halogen lighting is a popular option that can create a special atmosphere under the shaded area. Adequate and appropriate ambient lighting for outdoor dining can be difficult to create with candles, lanterns and common exterior flood lighting. As your dinner party extends to sunset, the LED lighting option in your retractable awning design adds another dimension to an already very valuable addition to your home.

Technology of retractable awnings extends beyond convenience, lighting and materials science. Many models incorporate intelligence that preserve the life and function and add safety. Sensors that detect changes in the weather or wind speed can automatically retract the awning to prevent damage to its components, or to store it away when it is not needed.

Another great option to maximize enjoyment of your outdoor living space is an exterior zipper shade. This allows you to enclose your space completely to keep out bugs and other pests so you can comfortably relax.

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