Pleated Shades

Pleated Shades

Through a diverse mix of fabrics and textures almost any window opening can be uniquely covered to create the desired mood for any room. Privacy oriented wovens or jacquarded sheers can be used to transform a window from just a hole in the wall to a conversation piece.

Fabric Choices

Linens, crinkled cloth, sheers, to patterned jacquards, the textures vary as much as the thickness of the fabric. From light and airy to a deep woodland feel.

Specialty Shapes

Angles, arches, octagons, hexagons, trapezoidal, or cutout, almost any window can be covered by a pleated shade. Click to see available shapes.

Lift Systems

Cordless, continuous cordloop, standard cordlock, remote control or motorized (Call for details, not all systems available for all products).


Manually operated up to 4' X 5' are available to block the heat and or light that is transmitted from the skylight opening.

Speciality Functions

Top-Down/Bottom-Up, stack at the bottom, Duolite (combining 2 shades of different opacities), room darkening and UV protection available.

Enhanced Child Safety Options

Cordless lift systems, secured cordloop and remote control operations are available.
Ralph's notes: Pleated shades are available in fabrics and textures that fit your lifestyle and can provide the finishing touch to a perfectly decorated room. From simple woven fabrics to decorative prints there is certainly one to go with any room style you desire