What's New in Kitchen Window Treatments

New in Kitchen Window Treatments

Even though the kitchen may not be the focal point of your home, it’s still a space where a significant amount of time is spent. Adding comfortable and inviting décor can enhance your kitchen, and the perfect place to start is upgrading your window treatments. For what’s trending in 2016 for your kitchen, the experts at VSC Window Coverings can help you select the newest and most up-to-date window treatments. For fashionable ideas this summer, consider these stylish tips when it comes to redecorating your kitchen windows.

Colors & Prints

One of the biggest trends for this year, especially for kitchens, is the addition of bright colored window treatments and modernly printed designs that help add flair to your home, such as floral designs. Roman shades are an excellent choice if you’re looking for color or prints, and the subtle fabric folds add a sense of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen that most people save for spaces such as their living rooms or bedrooms. With products such as the Hunter Douglas Roman Design Studio™ shade, you won’t have to sacrifice quality for style as this particular line features both with premium designer fabric available for purchase by the yard. Roller shades are another perfect choice for a variety in colors as well as printed designs, and have the added benefit of adjusting up or down with ease. The Norman Soluna™ Roller shades come in a 180 different fabric choice and in a variety of colors and textures, making it a perfect choice with countless options for a new colorful kitchen design. Considering both Roman and Roller shades can be paired with motorized lift units, you can customize your kitchen windows by controlling them with a touch of a button.

Go Light

If bright colors or thick fabrics don’t appeal to your kitchen design, you can go the opposite direction and choose lighter materials with less color for a look that isn’t too flashy or busy in an already hectic room. With the Sheers & Shadings collection from Hunter Douglas, for example, lightweight materials are available in white or neutral tones for a relaxed and comfortable touch to your windows. If you join this line of treatments with operating systems such as the Top-Up/Bottom-Down feature, your kitchen windows become a subtle yet trendy statement inside your home with a unique appearance that only helps diffuse natural sunlight while still offering light control and privacy. If you’re simply looking for more coverage than sheers or shadings, but still prefer to a natural look, using white faux-wood shutters are the perfect and long lasting solution for window treatments that can withstand extreme heat and exposure to water or moisture, making them excellent choices for your kitchen. 

Layered Look

If you’re worried adding all of the color to your shades will overpower your kitchen space, simply using a neutral colored shade paired with a lively fashioned valance can create the perfect combination. If you desire more than just a valance with your shades, adding drapes can achieve the perfect appearance and add even more design to your home. Energy efficient shades such as Hunter Douglas Honeycomb shades or the Norman Portrait™ Honeycomb, paired with drapes that are designed with light blocking lining or thick material, can give you the most energy efficient window treatments for your kitchen with layers of fabric for proper coverage. For an even more layered appearance, consider the Graber Mezzanine Layered Shades that offer stripes of fabrics in different thickness and color to not only add zest to your kitchen, but give it that modern and contemporary spin as well. For more on kitchen window treatments in Eugene OR, contact the expert staff at VSC Window Coverings today for their helpful advice and a free consultation.

Lifetime Warranty

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