Cellular Shades   

Motorization allows you to open and close your window coverings with the touch of a button. No cords, drawstrings, and are perfect for hard to reach windows. It's so simple to operate a single shade, multiple shades, or groups. Motorized shades offer a level of convenience that manual shades do not.

Use a hand held remote, use a wireless wall switch, or now, you can operate a house full of window coverings with your cell phone. No complicated wiring is necessary, unless you need to integrate your shades with your home automation system. Set up scenes, ie, open or close the shades at preselected times, reduce the safety risks associated with cords, and simplify your life with the touch of a button.

Design Options

Shades- choose from different opacities, sheer to room darkening. Cellular shades are available with the Topdown/Bottomup option, while most other window treatments are only available to stack at the top. Size limitations vary by individual product. Cellular shades up to 144", Roller/Solar Shades to 216", Window shadings to 120". Shades for your skylights are also available with motorized lift systems.

Blinds- Classic blinds, wood or metal, can also be motorized. With a push of a button, you can tilt to open or close the slats and diffuse the light in a room. Size limitations vary by individual product but wood blinds can be as wide as 96" to motorized the tilt function. Blinds must be manually raised and lowered.

Exterior Shades- Reduce the intensity of light while still maintaining a view with exterior solar shading. An added benefit is the reduction of heat transmitted to the interior of the home. Quiet high-voltage motors allow extremely wide widths and heights, ie, 216" x 192". These shades can be controlled on the interior of the home with wireless remote wall switches. Reliability is never an issue as we only use tried and proven manufacturers for our products.

Skylights- Hard to reach and hard to open cellular skylight shades have now become a snap to open and close. Reduce the heat gain in the summer and the heat loss in the winter by choosing the Hunter Douglas PowerView app. Using a cellular phone with the PowerView app the shade can automatically operate at specified times. Widths can be as large as 96", and heights up to 120".
Ralph's notes: With Hunter Douglas PowerView app you can use an iPhone, iPod, iPad, and many Android phones to operate your motorized window coverings. When operating multiple shades on a bank of windows, the PowerView app makes aligning the bottom rails easy. First set a group function and then set the slide to the point you want the shades to stop. With the traditional remote alignment can be frustrating as each motor operates at a different speed, at the point that you "stop" the shades from raising or lowering each shade could be at a different point in the cycle. The PowerView app has a more precise setting for each shade to eliminate the aggravation of aligning the bottoms of the shades.