Living Room Décor Ideas for 2016

Living Room Decor
Decorating the Living Room is where you want your interior style to feel personal yet well put together. You want comfort that is refined enough to have guests. For 2016, trends are toward minimalistic styles that really follow no rules except your own taste. Using varying patterns, colors and textures is the word, all drawn together with a style all your own. With a focus on interaction and family time, today’s living room can have unique style and still be trendy.


Using one antique piece, a large overstuffed piece of furniture, or brightly colored centerpiece can be the stand out focus of your room. Decorating simply around one or two such features is the style for 2016. Rather than fast rules that determine your decorating belong to a certain style, it’s more important that things go together in an overarching way using either pattern, color or some other design feature. Using texturing, layers or a splash of color are the way to go, all centered on specialty pieces that make your living room unique.


Using a variety of textures and patterns will give you the unique look you want, the secret is to choose one way to be different and use a wide variety while being minimalistic with the other parts of your décor. For instance, if you use textured materials on your walls, furniture and decorations then go easy on the color scheme. If you want to use a variety of colors, then use simpler wall décor and furniture. When using a variety of color, think of your colors as a team: you have one leader who is supported by a bold floral or large print, back those up with a supporting player such as a check, stripe, or geometric print, and add a solid to balance things out. Large patterns will be best used on your accent pieces like pillow, curtains, or chairs. You can also add patterns to rugs, and walls using stencils or wallpaper. It may seem overly bold to have a very intense color in the home, but a strategically placed splash of color can really brighten up a space.

Trends for 2016

The trends for 2016 are shabby chic, and Scandinavian, all with your own style to tie it all together. Vintage is in and antique pieces can set off your décor in amazing ways. Decorating with old materials is in but with new materials and technology available it is a wonderful time to do your own thing, as style is more about how you put your unique must-have’s into place than following any set rules. Decorating with natural and sustainable green materials is fashionable, as is retro from the 50’s 70’s or 80’s. The trending colors are black and white with a splash of color, nature colors, or pastels such as pink and blue. Finding the perfect window coverings to finish off the look will make your living room ready for the New Year.