Ideal Window Treatments for the Pacific Northwest

Window Treatments for Pacific Northwest

Because the state of Oregon is in the northern part of the country, those not from here expect it to be cold and snowy. But in reality, the residents enjoy a fairly moderate climate with very little snow or uncomfortably hot, humid days. These mild temperatures mean a wide variety of window treatments are perfect for your Eugene, Oregon home.

Traditional Window Treatments

Eugene’s older neighborhoods have an abundance of ranches and two-story homes that look best with traditional window treatments.

Horizontal blinds are the workhorses of window treatments. They offer an amazing number of privacy and light control options and are available in wood, faux wood, and aluminum. When painted or stained to match your window trim, these blinds virtually disappear, allowing draperies and the rest of the décor throughout the house to shine.

Although prominently used in homes throughout the Southeast, plantation shutters are equally as at home in the Pacific Northwest. Shutters are even more functional than horizontal blinds because they can be made so that their upper slats work independently from the lower ones, giving you the ability to close the lower ones for privacy and leave the upper ones open to let the sunlight in. Shutters are naturally cord-free, making them a great choice for families with young children.

Vertical blinds are the perfect solution for sliding glass doors or large windows that slide rather than lift to open. No longer just available with plain, boring vinyl vanes, these blinds also come in fabric and wood. If you want vinyl with a twist, try Cadence vertical blinds by Hunter Douglas, which have curved vanes to mimic the look of fabric.

For a More Contemporary Look

If your taste leans toward a more contemporary style, your window fashions should too.

For a unique window covering on your sliding glass doors, look no further than Skyline® gliding window panels. Six-inch or wider panels of fabric in a range of colors and patterns effortlessly glide from one side of your window to the other. To make these blinds even more modern, consider making them motorized.

Window shadings are a modern take on horizontal blinds. These elegant window treatments combine panels of sheer fabric, which filter natural light, with horizontal vanes of fabric that can be closed for additional privacy.

Window Treatments for Condos

Many condominiums have restrictions on the color of window treatments allowed to give the outside of the building a uniform look. But what if you don’t want white or off-white window treatments in your home?

Roman shades are a perfect solution because they can be lined with a neutral fabric that will show on the outside but still provide the color or pattern you desire on the inside. These shades are also very effective at blocking out light when you need a darker room and can help keep out cool winter winds.

Woven wood shades are another good option because they can also be lined for a uniform look from the outside. Woven woods provide natural texture and visual interest to your room.

Whatever style of home you have in Eugene, Oregon, the experts at VSC Window Coverings can help you create the perfect window treatments for your home. Come see us at our showroom or call to schedule an in-home consultation.