Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Energy Efficient Windows

When it comes to the comforts of your home, you don’t want to sacrifice efficiency for beauty. That’s why choosing an energy efficient window treatment not only helps save on energy costs per year, but provides your home with a fashionable alternative as well. The staff of VSC Window Coverings in Eugene OR are prepared to help you choose the correct energy efficient window treatment for you.


When it comes to the basics of energy efficient windows, it is best to begin with shades. Unlike blinds, cellular shades are made of a thick fabric surrounding the slates, giving it a universal covering which traps air inside your home or keeps unwanted air out. These designs are the most energy efficient choice available and come in a variety of colors to choose from. Hunter Douglas offers its revolutionary honeycomb design with various options, from the original Duette® single or double honeycomb design to the Applause® series that boasts the only triple-cell shade on the market. Graber also offers a cellular shade with their CrystalPleat® line that helps insulate windows and provides excellent exterior sound absorption as well. For a more colorful choice of honeycomb shades, consider Kirsch products for their countless choices of fabrics and colors available. Thanks to the popular cellular shade design, choosing an energy efficient yet stylish choice for your window treatments in Eugene OR is simple.


Shades are a great addition when choosing energy efficient window treatments, however drapes can provide just as much coverage. When choosing energy efficient drapes, consider darker colors to help block out UV light. Colors like black or gray are ideal for allowing less light into your home. Using heavy fabrics for drapes can also provide an added benefit by acting as insulation for your windows. Much like shades, using a thick fabric for drapes helps regulate the temperature of your home while also helping to barricade exteriors noise as well. Often times, drapes will come with a UV protective backing that allows for even more energy efficient treatments. The professionals at VCS Window Coverings specialize in custom drapes, and offer free consultations to ensure you’ve chosen the correct style to complete your window treatments.

Combine Both

If you’re looking to be completely energy efficient in your home, combine the use of both shades and drapes for a unique yet practical style. The honeycomb or cellular shades can come in a variety of colors and fabrics, allowing you the option of decorating your window treatments to match. When combining shades with drapes, the staff of VCS Window Coverings can customize your drapes colors and sizes to compliment your shades effectively, as well as offering free installation for both. You can choose a lighter fabric with a less bold color for your shades in order for the color or design of your drapes to stand out. Combining both the insulation of cellular shades along with the added protection of drapes, your window treatments will become the most energy efficient yet fashionable part of your home.

Lifetime Warranty

The Hunter Douglas Lifetime Guarantee is our desire to provide a thoroughly satisfying experience when selecting, purchasing and living with your window fashions. If you are not thoroughly satisfied, simply contact Hunter Douglas Inc. at 1-800-789-0331.

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