Design Trends for This Year

Design Trends This Year

The end of 2017 is fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean you should disregard this year’s home design trends, especially the ones meant specifically for the cooler months.

Make Your Home Warm and Inviting

Color instantly warms any space, and 2017 is all about ditching the all-white kitchens and light-colored walls. Jewel tones are showing up more on walls, pastel accent pieces are being placed all around the home, and even cabinets in dark greens and blues are being used. If you’re a little leery about completely letting go of your neutrals, start by using a darker neutral for your wall color, such as a rich chocolate brown instead of tan or charcoal instead of light gray. You can also add some emerald green, deep blue, or burgundy to a neutral-colored room with decorative pillows or an area rug.

Textures and personal touches are also making a comeback as people replace the minimalist style of empty rooms and sleek furniture with items that welcome people in. Have a chair reupholstered in soft velvet and add woven pieces like baskets and wicker to provide softness and texture. Hardwood or terra cotta tile bring warm color to the floor.

Even the ceilings in your home can be given some visual interest. Paint your ceiling a different color, add tin tiles, or accent it with wooden beams to make your room more inviting.

Harnessing Technology in the Home

Technology continues to make our lives easier, and it can be used in the home for the same purpose. Whole-house automation systems allow you to control most electronic things in your home. Motorized window treatments are very convenient and can be added to an existing automated system or operated with a remote or mobile devices.

Speaking of mobile devices, they seem to be everywhere in our homes and are always in need of charging. One of this year’s trends has been to provide docking stations for these devices to avoid having charging cables all over your home.

Harnessing technology also means having a space where it isn’t allowed. Consider turning your master bedroom into a technology-free retreat by banning phones, TVs, and tablets and enjoying a book in the comfort of your quilt-covered bed, instead.

Making Your Home Work for You

Having your home be a place that works for you and your family isn’t a design trend, but it’s definitely a benefit of implementing some of these trends. Homeowners are no longer feeling like they have to keep their formal dining room formal. Instead, they are using this room on a daily basis as a place to do homework, crafts, or have family game night. Stainless steel appliances in the kitchen that attract fingerprints and smudges are being replace by ones with matte finishes.

Outdoor space is being used later in the year. Adding some cushioned furniture, cozy blankets, and a fireplace or firepit to a porch or patio creates the perfect place to enjoy your family and friends long after summer is over.

Design trends come and go, but at VSC Window Coverings, we believe your interior design should reflect your personality and how you live in your Eugene, Oregon home. Stop by or give us a call today to learn how to incorporate some of this year’s trends into your own home.