Deck Covers

Deck Covers

Introducing the Pergotenda, a structured deck or patio cover that can bring the outdoors indoor for year-round enjoyment. The Pergotenda is a sliding covering system patented by Corradi USA.

Fabric Choices

The roof system can be made of several different types of fabrics. Light blocking, light filtering or screening materials are used to attain the functionality needed. The most popular fabric is a 4 ply system that can keep the space up to 10o cooler than the competition's in the summer and helps retain heat in the winter. Easy to clean and weather resistant, the tough water-proof canvas runs on special guides and can be supported by aluminum tubes or wood posts.

Design Options

From the basic Iridium, which is anchored to a supporting wall, to the free-standing Kubo, the Pergotenda can become an enclosed room for outdoor living. Fully opened, to enjoy the summer weather, or fully closed for the cooler days, you choose the configuration suited for your outdoor living style.

Lift Systems

The Pergotenda is fully automated to retract or deploy by a simple push of a button.

Sun Control

Because the roof of the Pergotenda moves from a fully open to a fully closed position, you determine the amount of direct sunshine you wish to enjoy. The sides can be equipped with shades to give protection against wind and also for sun control on west and south-facing exposures.
Ralph's notes: The Pergotenda is an extremely unique product which gives you considerably more control than a fixed covering. With the integrated guttering system, you can leave it fully deployed in the winter and not be concerned with the effects of the weather. Depending on the size, wind gusts above 35 mph are not a concern. Outfitted with the side shades and with enclosed gable ends, this can be a climate controlled environment for year-round enjoyment. There are virtually no size limitations as the max size is 24' x 40'. To attain larger coverage, we just couple one system next to another.