Custom Window Treatments for Fall & Winter

Gliding Window Panels

Hunter Douglas® blinds, shades & shutters are perfectly crafted and designed to complement your fall and winter decors, and offer a variety of built-in features with optional add-ons that can further increase energy preservation to retain the warmth inside, and leave the cold where it belongs. With over 30 styles in 6 unique categories to choose from, VSC Window Coverings is proud to partner in assisting with your every-season window treatments needs!

Chosee your fall & winter style!

5 reasons to choose VSC Window Coverings and Hunter Douglas®

VSC Window Coverings provides you with 5 important reasons that distinguish Hunter Douglas® blinds, shades & shutters as the best choice for your fall and winter window treatments needs.
  1. Insulation: During the fall and winter seasonal changes, heat naturally graviates towards the exterior; Hunter Douglas® energy-efficient window treatments can help preserve up to 50% heating energy loss!
  2. Privacy & Light Control: Hunter Douglas® offers privacy and light control for blinds, shades, and shutters to suit any period of the day! Note: results vary per product.
  3. Ultraviolet Protection: Nearly every Hunter Douglas® product filters out at least 75% of the sun's harmful UV Rays - enjoy the warm sun even in the fall and winter periods while protected! Note: results depend on fabrics and features chosen.
  4. Soil & Dust Resistant: On available models, Hunter Douglas® blinds, shades, and shutters are treated with propriety process to repel against dust, stains, and soils - rest assured during fall and winter that your blinds will retain their shine all year through!
  5. Advanced Controls: VSC Window Coverings offers optional advanced controls on available window treatments through Hunter Douglas® PowerView™ Motorization so that you can conveniently operate your motorized windows treatments through a remote control, smartphone, or tablet in comfort!

Lifetime Warranty

The Hunter Douglas Lifetime Guarantee is our desire to provide a thoroughly satisfying experience when selecting, purchasing and living with your window fashions. If you are not thoroughly satisfied, simply contact Hunter Douglas Inc. at 1-800-789-0331.

For more details please visit the Warranty Information page.