Why Consider Mini Blinds For Homes

Consider Mini Blinds For Homes

The word mini often means cute and adorable. If you were to add “blinds”, “mini” would refer to one of the most affordable window treatments available. Here at VSC Window Coverings, we know what it is like to be unsure of certain choices in our lives. That is why we gladly offer in home appointments so we can have a one on one experience with our customers. All you need to do is give us the time and place and we will be there! Don’t worry about measuring every single window in your home, because we are more than happy to measure your windows for you.

These blinds may be mini, but they have a big impact!

Mini blinds have been around for decades! With a top designer like Hunter Douglas, you will be sure to find the perfect suit for your space. Mini blinds are designed to fit each individual window in your home to its exact measurements. You can have a standard rectangle window or a specially crafted window and mini blinds from Hunter Douglas will still work beautifully. Another thing you will not have to worry about is compromising the style of your home.

Does size really matter?

When it comes to the amount of light you want in your home, not really. You do not need the thickest blinds to have maximum sun blockage during the day. With mini blinds coming in sizes ½” micro minis to 1” traditional, it is amazing to know that with each size you have the option to add privacy slats. With these slats, you will be able to determine how much light your space does or does not receive. With mini blinds being so mini, they do bring a great deal of attention to the eye. The constant flow of small spaced horizontal lines in your blinds will definitely bring drama to any and every room you place them in. Mini blinds are also offered in styles ranging from the classic cord operating system to the more modern and up to date motorized operating system of Hunter Douglas PowerView®.

Mini blinds are a smart choice for anyone unsure of the window treatments they should purchase for their home. Please visit our showroom in Eugene, OR to explore all of your options. We proudly serve all surrounding areas and would be more than thrilled to show you why you should consider mini blinds for your home.