Choosing Custom Drapes

Choosing Custom Drapes in Eugene, OR

Adding drapery to your custom window treatments may be a daunting task for some people. There are only so many styles available, you might not be able to find the exact color you want for your home, or the sizing of ready-to-hang drapery might not be exactly what you want. Fortunately, custom drapery can fix all these woes. Let VSC Window Coverings show you why choosing custom drapes in Eugene, Oregon is the best decision you can make for your home.


For many individuals, choosing drapery is difficult because rarely is what’s available exactly what you want. The colors might be a little off, the pattern might be too big, the pleat might be too much, whatever complaints there are about drapery, custom drapery can solve. With custom drapery you are in control of all the design aspects of your drapes. VSC Window Coverings is proud to provide our customers with more than 200 fabric books to choose from when selecting your fabric. In addition to the incredible amount of options you have with your fabric, you can also choose the style your drapes will have. Pinch pleats, rings, loops, or folds, whatever idea you have in mind for your drapery, we can replicate. In addition to the fabrics and styles of your drapes, you can also customize the hardware that is used. Rods, finials, and brackets can all be customized in color and size to fit exactly what you need.


In addition to customizing the fabrics and design elements of your custom drapery, you can also customize the sizing. Many ready-to-hang drapes that you find in stores come in two or three standard sizes. This makes it difficult to find appropriate drapery if your windows are smaller or larger than the standard size. With custom drapery, you will never have to worry about this problem again. Custom drapery can be sized however you need it. Rather you want your drapery to hang from the ceiling to the floor, only cover the top half of your window, or only hang on the sides to frame your windows, you can have exactly what you envision. Custom drapery lets your design creativity reach its full potential.


While style choice is a huge benefit for custom drapery, the quality that you receive with custom drapery far surpasses anything you could ever buy in store. Because the fabrics you have to choose from are such high quality fabrics, the lining that is used meets these standards as well. Unlined drapes, which most ready-to-hang drapes are, do not give you proper light filtration and will be effected color-wise by the sunlight. Sunlight streaming through unlined drapes causes the colors to be distorted and thus, ruins the style of your room. Luckily, custom drapes do not allow you to have this problem. Keep your style sharp at all times of the day with custom drapery.

Here at VSC Window Coverings we carry window treatments from Hunter Douglas, Graber, Norman Window Fashions, Kirsch, and other high quality brands. Really make these beautiful window treatments stand out by pairing them with custom drapery that fits exactly the style you need. From valances to top treatments to drapes, whatever you need to go with your décor and window treatments, we can create for you. Contact us today for more information about getting started on your custom drapery.

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