Cellular Shades

Cellular Shades

Unique honeycomb design uses distinct air pockets to trap more cold air in the winter and more heat from the sun in the summer, so your home stays comfortable during any season. Over 10 fabric choices and color palettes allow for countless design options.

Energy Efficiency

R values are up (rating of the resistance to heat loss in the winter in which higher numbers are better) and U values are down (rating of resistance to heat gain in which the lower numbers are better) so whether you have newer energy efficient windows or single pane windows, cellular products are always an efficient choice for window coverings.

Specialty Shapes

Angles, arches, octagons, hexagons, trapezoidal, or cutout, almost any window can be covered by a cellular shade. Some of the specialty shapes are available with fixed or movable systems. Click to see available shapes.

Lift Systems

Cordless, Ultraglide (a reciprocating cord in which the length of the cord does not get longer or shorter no matter the position) continuous cordloop, standard cordlock, remote control or motorized (Call for details, not all systems available for all products).


Manually operated or remote controlled skylight coverings are available to block the heat and or light that is transmitted from the skylight opening.

Speciality Functions

Top-Down/Bottom-Up, stack at the bottom, Duolite (combining 2 shades of different opacities), Vertiglide/Slide Vue to cover sliding glass doors, room darkening and UV protection available.

Enhanced Child Safety Options

Cordless lift systems, secured cordloop and remote control operations are available.
Ralph's notes: Duette Architella honeycomb shades are Hunter Douglas’ incredibly cost-effective window coverings. Combining the energy efficiency of honeycomb technology, design and fabric appeal, plus innovations, and safety features, Architella provides classic styling and enduring quality.