The Benefits of Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized Window Treatments

Do you remember what TV viewing was like before remotes came along? Having to get up every time you wanted to change a channel or adjust the volume? Now you can just push a button from the comfort of your couch. Believe it or not, this same convenience is also available for your window treatments.

While they may seem like an unnecessary luxury, there are actually many practical reasons to have motorized window treatments.

No More Cords

Whether you worry about your small children around them, or just don’t like the look of them, automatic blinds and shades eliminate the need for unsightly and potentially dangerous cords.

Windows Behind Furniture

You will no longer need to stretch over the back of your couch to adjust the blinds behind it, or have an annoying glare on your computer screen because you didn’t want to squeeze behind your recliner to reach your window shades.


Natural light brought in by skylights is wonderful, unless it’s waking you up in the morning, making your room hotter than necessary, or fading your floors or furniture. With motorized window treatments, you don’t have to choose between the natural light and protecting you and your home from the sun’s rays. Just use your remote to control your skylight shades to enjoy the sun when you want it and block it out when you don’t.

Adjusting Multiple Windows

That wall of windows gives you amazing panoramic views of the outdoors, but it sure is a pain when you need some privacy or a little less sunlight and you have to adjust all of the blinds individually. Automatic window treatments raise and lower at the same time with the touch of a button.

Right about now you may be thinking, “They sound great, but if I have to keep track of one more remote I’m going to lose my mind.” Not to worry. Motorized window treatments can be controlled by your smartphone. Available from Hunter Douglas, PowerView Motorization doesn’t require any additional remotes or whole-house automation systems, just an app on your phone which – admit it – you have with you at all times.

With this technology, not only can you adjust your blinds how you want them at that moment with your phone, you can also program them to automatically open and close at certain times during the day. You can have every shade in your house raise and lower at the same time, or you can program individual windows or rooms independently. You can even adjust them when you aren’t home. While you are at work, your blinds can block out the eastern sun in the back of your house, then open before you get home so you can enjoy the view as soon as you walk in. Or you can have your blinds change positions throughout the day while you’re on vacation, making it look like someone is home.

If you are interested in motorized window treatments in Eugene, Oregon, VSC Window Coverings can help you decide what blinds, shades, and automatic systems are right for you.

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