2017 Window Covering Trends For The New Year

2017 Window Covering Trends

Designers agree the best interiors start with the choices most of us find to be the most difficult. Beautiful colors, fabrics and textures should drive the design, rather than a favorite sofa or piece of wall art.

Faced with infinite variety, we all want to know the latest trends to help us choose a reliable foundation for our designs. Following the same pattern as the fashion industry, designers and manufacturers spend a great deal of energy analyzing the new trends to make sure they are prepared for the emerging opportunities in the market.

Read on to learn about trends for 2017 that will help you make sense of the new products and the choices that will give your design an up-to-date appeal.


Environmentally friendly or “green” isn’t a trend any more. It’s becoming a philosophy, especially when it comes to the evolution of design. Bringing nature indoors with environmentally friendly materials and nature inspired looks is not only good for the earth but it creates a calming, mood boosting home environment for you, too.

A great way to achieve these benefits is to choose natural woven shades in bamboo or matchstick blinds. Bamboo is a sustainable, environmentally friendly material and allows some light to diffuse into your home while providing some privacy.
Natural woven shades layered with simple linen panels create a sophisticated, organic style.

Homes lose up to 50% of their energy through un-insulated windows. Cellular shades are wonderful at insulating windows and reducing energy costs. Their unique honeycomb design traps air between the layers and keeps heat out in the summer and cold out in the winter, together reducing our dependence on the fossil fuels.


Bright, cheery yellow is trending for 2017. It represents warmth and a bright outlook toward the future. Blue is becoming the “new red” for window treatments this year. Ocean hues in aquamarine, teal, soft greens, grays and lavenders are very popular in 2017.
Orange, gold and persimmon are the favorite jewel tones for 2017 also.
For neutrals, brown continues to dominate as the “new basic”, while charcoal and slate are the popular neutrals and they blend perfectly with the metallic trends. The darker neutral colors frame windows and add a sophisticated look to your room.


Metallic surfaces are back in vogue for 2017: silver, gold and bronze metallic. Fabrics draped from a classic metal rod blends perfectly with the latest color trends.
Another interesting metallic trend for 2017 is stainless steel. It’s not just for your kitchen appliances anymore. Stainless steel is making its way thought the entire house in new styles of curtain rods, stays, and eyelets at the top of panels, as it creates a clean, simple look.

Luxury Fabrics

The overall trend for 2017 is simplicity. However, the luxury fabric trend will remain popular with those who enjoy the luxury and embellishment look. Some examples of luxe fabrics are silks, velvets, and damasks. This trend includes crystal, beads, and tassel embellishments, even embellishments on the hardware itself.

Intelligent Window Treatments

Motorized shades and blinds are one of the newest trends in home automation. Motorized blinds can be programmed to automatically open and close and be synced with your home automation system. These treatments can be programmed to the exact position you desire, using a remote control or app on your smart phone.

With numerous options to choose from, including custom draperies, the experienced design professionals at VSC Window Coverings can guide you in the latest window covering trends for your home.

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